Worlds Largest PanoramaS by yadegar Asisi

Yadegar Asisi is creator of the worlds largest 360degree Panorama pictures, measuring up to 32 meters in height with a circumference of up to 110 metres. He was voted the top 10 of influential worldwide artists in 2014.
Eric did the soundtracks for all his installations. Each picture comes with its own music theme, recorded with the real orchestras and choirs, embedded in a soundscape with all kind of sounds from the scenery found in the pictures. With more speakers installed than found in the biggest cinemas he can create a multi surround soundscape that makes you feel things are flying around.
Panorama themes realized so far: Titanic, Great Barrier Reef, Mount Everest, Amazonia, Rom 312, Pergamon, Leipzig 1813, Dresden 1945, Dresden 1956, Berlin the Wall, Titanic, Rouen 1431, Luther 1517 and Carola’s Garten.
Current locations in Berlin, Leipzig, Dresden, Pforzheim, Rouen/France. More in the making.